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Curious Addys is a US based Web3 startup that aims to make Web3 go mainstream by onboarding users to the Web3 space through Web3 education and helping NFT creators build collections easily and affordably.

We started as an NFT collection, Curious Addys (Curious Addys:, which is the first Web3 educational NFT project and built 25,000 discord community and generated $1.7 million USD in revenue within 2 months.

We are backed by leading Silicon Valley VCs (Maven Ventures, Alchemy Ventures, f7 Ventures, Keisuke Honda, Nas Daily, Randi Zuckerberg etc.) and raised $3.1 million USD for our seed round.

We are a diverse team of 11 and all the members are based in North America.


We’ve been building a couple of tools to lift up the Web3 space: 1. ( A Q&A platform dedicated to Web3 where anyone can ask questions and get answers from Web3 experts. Experts are rewarded for answering questions by earning soulbound tokens (credential NFT) that show their achievements on the platform. 2. HeyMint launchpad (launching in 2 weeks): No-code smart contract building platform where anyone can build a NFT collection without any programming experience easily and affordably. The tool allow creators to configure, generate, and deploy smart contracts, generate art, and create a mint button to embed on creators’ website. 1. ( An allowlist manager for NFT collections to help creators collect a presale signup list of interested collectors before launching a collection.


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